Welcome to Camp Kellogg!

Camp Kellogg provides an ideal camping environment. We trust you will enjoy your Scouting experience in our natural, Northern Michigan setting.



Camp Kellogg was funded and established as a no-cost camp, founded to help underprivileged kids in our state. A dream of Edward and June Kellogg, this camp provides a beautiful, close, easy access place to go camping and experience nature. The Kellogg’s had a passion for scouting; they contributed to and led Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops in their lifetimes.

The camp is solely funded by the Kellogg Foundation. This 230 acre retreat is utilized throughout the year. Each year facilities are improved. Camp Kellogg has 10 beautiful campsites, heated showers and bathrooms, and pavilions. Two air-conditioned mini houses are on site for families to enjoy when their children are at camp. Our facility is available for use by all Boy Scout Troops, free of charge.